How To Wear Accessories And Make A Statement

How To Wear Accessories And Make A Statement

Accessories are important in fashion. They serve as the exclamation point to a person's fashion statement. They are chosen based on personal style, mood, color, etc. They make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here's a helpful list of how to accessorize and make an ooh-la-la statement.

First choose your clothes. Your sparkles will accentuate whatever outfit you choose, be they stripes, floral or plain, or whether you select pants or dresses. After you've chosen your outfit, you need to match them with the right jewelry. Dangly earrings will elongate your neck when you are wearing a dress or low-cut top. You may also wear a simple necklace to focus attention to your neck. The key idea is to bring attention to the area that you want to emphasize. Earrings and necklaces will draw attention to your face.

Meanwhile, if you want attention on your waistline or hips, choose a short and simple necklace or wear none at all. Big, bold and flashy belts, on the other hand, will bring attention to your hips.

Another key rule is to keep fashion jewelry in proportion to your body size. If you are petite use smaller ornaments that will enhance your outfit. If you have a large body frame, naturally use bigger and bolder sized ornaments to reflect your style.

Remember that earrings, rings and bracelets should enhance your clothes and not overwhelm them.

You've constantly heard the advice "dress according to the occasion." Well, you also need to accessorize appropriately - according to the industry you're in. In the creative arena, like in the entertainment business, huge and noisy bangles will look flashy and yet stylish. However, they would look out-of-place and wrong when you're involved in a more conservative profession such as real estate or finance. These pieces help you express yourself hence you must be authentic in doing so to add credibility to your profession.

Metallic colors like silver and gold should be matched in the same color tones. For example wear gold bracelet with a dinner jacket with gold buttons.

Traditionally, jewelry is bought in sets that would be matching pieces of earrings, rings and bracelets. However, a more modern approach to fashion is to coordinate rather than match them. Matching pieces is very dated and make you look mature.

Have fun and experiment with your pieces. See what goes great with your favorite pants or dress. Show your personality through them.

Last but not least, an organized and accessible jewelry box or organizing bin will help keep things in order. Select one where you can the pieces lined up or hanging, pick an area that's near your clothes so they are within reach. It will also motivate you to wear ornaments when they are right in your dressing area.